Thanks to their versatility and to the strong adhesion they provide, there are almost no limit of application for the high-performance hot melt adhesives produced by Collagraf, which can provide an instant and permanent bonding on a vast range of materials and surfaces. All the hot melt formulations are non-toxic and solvent-free.

Collagraf currently supplies many different industries and market, providing the best solution for the most various kind of requirements on hot melt and gluing application. Moreover, Collagraf is able to design and manufacture taylor-made hot melt products according to each customer’s specific need and request


Hot melt adhesives are widely used in packaging industry for the production of cartons, trays, point-of-sale displays and wrap about packaging


In the automotive industry the use of hot melt adhesives is experiencing a strong growth, indeed hot melt glues are employed in different fields and for several purposes in car industry


In the last 15 years Collagraf has designed and developed a large range of hot melt adhesives specifically dedicated to textile laminating process


Hot melt adhesives are suitable to be employed for multiple applications in construction industry

Do it yourself

Collagraf hot melt glue sticks represent a fast, safe and handy solution for many different daily problems

Plastic assembly

Plastic assembly has always been one of the most important field of application for hot melt adhesives; Collagraf hot melt adhesives are projected to bond every kind of plastic (ABS, PES, PET, PPL, PVC)

Wood and furniture

Collagraf manufactures tens of different hot melt adhesives specifically designed for woodworking and furniture industry

Artwork and decoration

Premium hot melt glues produced by Collagraf, besides providing a strong and durable adhesion on many different materials, have got also an appreciated artistic value