Plastic assembly

Plastic Assembly

Plastic assembly has always been one of the most important field of application for hot melt adhesives.

Collagraf constantly dedicates many resources to research and test innovative and high-performance hot melt formulations which can be able to bond every kind of plastic (ABS, PES, PET, PPL, PVC)

Each plastic has got its own peculiar properties and chemical characteristics, for this reason Collagraf has developed many different hot melt adhesives suitable to bond any kind of plastic material.

Besides EVA hot melt, Collagraf has formulated and currently manufactures acrylic hot melt glues (EBA) which have showed a strong adhesion and a powerful tack on plastic surfaces.

In packaging industry, for bonding coated and varnish  boards are nowadays largely used metallocene-based hot melt adhesives (POP polyolefin) which provide, not only a short setting time, but also excellent results for bonding polypropylene and polyester surfaces and boards