Collagraf premium hot melt manufacturer

Collagraf srl has been founded in 2005 as the hot melt division of Elettrograf s.a.s, which began to produce hot melt adhesive in 1979. Collagraf is nowadays a cutting-edge manufacturer of hot melt adhesives, trusted by thousands of customers in 32 different countries all over the world. Constant efforts in research and innovation enable Collagraf to manufacture a really wide range of hot melt adhesives, which are used in many different industries and markets.

Collagraf’s  production plant is located very close to Milan city centre and it can rely on four different production lines where are currently manufactured: E.V.A. hot melt adhesives, METALLOCENE-based hot melt adhesives, ACRYLIC hot melt adhesives, POLYAMIDE hot melt adhesives and E.V.A. + pressure sensitive compounds. An additional and crucial advantage provided by Collagraf is that every hot melt adhesive formulation can be produced in different shapes: Stick (7, 8, 11, 12, 15 mm diameter), Slugs (43 mm diameter), granules and pellets; in order to satisfy any need and requirement coming from market or customers