Acrylic hot melt adhesives (eba)

Acrylic hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesives are a type of adhesive tape characterized by a large adhesive property mainly used in the packaging of cardboard boxes. It can be used both at low temperatures and at high temperatures without significant changes in its properties. When it comes to quality in the adhesive property of certain hot melt adhesives are among the most performing, with excellent performance especially on recycled cartons, a very good tack and the possibility of being stored at high and at the base temperatures when it is applied at room temperature.

These types of adhesives can be applied manually but it is recommended to use them automatically through the taping machines. The most common colors in which hot melt ribbons are found are neutral, that is white, transparent or brown and brown, but they can also be found in other colors, although less common.

The hot melt adhesives are a type of adhesive that has as main characteristic the absence of solvent substances. They are often used for packaging that is stored in places exposed to weather conditions. Among its properties we can see the high adhesiveness to plastic and cardboard materials as well as to metals and glass.

Other performance characteristics of this type of adhesive are resistance to high temperatures and atmospheric agents such as to be used in conditions of exposure to an external environment. These adhesives are also resistant to the passage of time and do not become slippery with increasing temperatures.

Among its limits there is undoubtedly the definitive adhesion time, which is the period of time that passes before the tape remains glued to the positioned point. Before the expiration of this time, the adhesive tape can indeed be repositioned. This means that the hot melt adhesive tapes have a fairly low adhesive property immediately. Another limitation is the fact that in the case of non-polar surfaces, the adhesiveness of these strips is not very efficient.


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