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Originally produced and used in the United States of America, hot glue quickly reached the European market, thanks to the vast possibility of uses not only in the industrial sector but also in DIY, in the DIY maintenance of your home and – more and more often – in the setting up of special sets like those desired by the spouses for their weddings.
Not only professional use, therefore, but also support for those who occasionally approach the use of these new finds in continuous technological evolution. Collagraf offers a wide variety of products, with an incomparable range of sizes for each type of stick and hot glue.

Hot melt sticks

Hot Melt adhesives in sticks are produced in different diameters (7, 8, 11, 12 and 15 mm) for precision work to be carried out with a hot gun on practically every type of material. The uses of this type of hot glue are varied: from upholstery to ceramics, from furniture to mirrors to cork, plastic and components used in electronics.
Fast setting, flexibility and resistance are among the strong points of this type of application.
The storage of this type of glue is in cool and dry places, far from heat sources and below 50 ° C. It may appear as a relatively high temperature, but in summer a van parked in the sun can create a “greenhouse effect” that it can damage the glue and condition the seal during use. We therefore recommend special attention to this aspect.


To distinguish the cartridges from the sticks are the dimensions, since a cartridge has a diameter of 43 mm, and therefore much larger than the sticks. Designed to glue almost any material, it is not recommended for use on polystyrene and soft PVC. After a few minutes from application, the glue is ready to hold weights and pressures. Melts at a temperature of about 200 ° C and through a second heating can be removed from the surfaces used. This type of hot glue is the most used to seal the boxes for shipping or produced in packages of rigid cardboard, but is used with excellent results to decorate, fix and repair.


Hot melt glues in granules are the most recommended for use in bookbinding and food use. This type of glue is resistant to low temperatures, and is therefore suitable for storage in the fridge or freezer provided by the food industry. Hot glue granules have an operating temperature that varies between 160 and 190 ° C; the open time is on average higher than that of sticks and cartridges and its use is particularly suitable for difficult papers such as glossy or metallized ones.


The hot melt adhesives in pellets are among the most technologically advanced among chemical compounds. This type of glues attach quickly to almost any surface, permeable or impermeable, and are widely used in industrial processes for labeling, packaging, carpentry, assembly and sealing of a wide variety of products. The hot melt pellet glues extend the adhering power over the entire surface, making the use of other elements such as nails and screws superfluous.
Particular importance is given to the ecological aspect; during the production process and during the use of this glue, no waste element is produced, therefore it is to be considered as a product without any negative environmental impact.