E.V.A. Hot melt adhesives

Hot melt eva base adhesives

The EVA hot melt adhesives proposed by Collagraf are characterized by an innovative formulation deriving from a research and development process that the company has continued over time, gradually collecting the different needs of its customers.
By placing the customer at the center of the project, Collagraf has succeeded in arriving at effective solutions capable of responding with quality to the various requests coming from the most diverse product sectors.

The EVA-based hot melt adhesives are intended as reliable, practical and extremely versatile glues, thanks to their properties that make the products effective and applicable on different surfaces, immediately finding perfect compatibility with the most diverse materials. Thanks to these peculiarities their use is wide, also involving the most demanding applications.

What are EVA hot glue adhesives?
The EVA hot melt adhesives are adhesives formulated on a thermoplastic basis that are solid when placed at room temperature, but which, once heated, change their state, becoming very malleable.

This process allows the glue to adhere perfectly to the surfaces, ensuring a physical grip.
The benefits of this type of adhesive are many:

– Practicality and simplicity of use.
– Immediate activation, without waiting times.
– High viscosity index.
– Adhesion and applicability also to non-porous and inclined surfaces.
– High yield of bonding surface.
– High mechanical and chemical properties.
– Ability to resist external agents.
– Possibility of re-employment in some cases.
– Clean use, in favor of the aesthetic aspect.

Application sectors of hot melt adhesives
Thanks to the typicality and technical characteristics of the adhesive in question, it can be applied in various sectors from packaging to construction, from plastic assembly to textiles, from packaging to do-it-yourself.

Here are some examples of applications:
– Building: gluing panels, mounting insulators and coatings.
– Packaging: bonding required in packaging, paper and carton processes.
Textiles: application in mattresses or fiber gluing industry.
– Automotive: gluing of internal or plastic parts.
– Assembly: footwear industry, cables, wiring, appliance production.
– Wood: gluing in the furniture industry for the production of furniture and laminates.

There are many sectors that can benefit from the properties of the Collagraf adhesive products obtained with the EVA hot melt technology, which, thanks to their practicality, find space in a variety of complex applications.


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