EVA + pressure sensitive compound (EVA + PSA)

Compound hot melt a base EVA + Pressure sensitive

Nowadays, the company is able to realize in a 12 mm and 43 mm diameter stick format the cutting edge Hot Melt formulation. These combine the typical E.V.A. with the “Pressure Sensitive” barosensitive self-adhesive stickers. In this way, a high seal is also given to those surfaces which, apparently, are not stuck. These adhesives are durable over time and resistant to physical and chemical factors that could damage them. Once the glue is applied, it solidifies in less than 2 minutes. Sometimes even less, if the material on which the hot glue based on EVA (Ethyl-Vinyl-Acetate) is used is able to absorb the heat (around 150-180 °) emitted by the glue. Just think of the book binding sector, where this glue condenses within a few seconds. Generally it is of liquid consistency and is semi-transparent.

The Hot Melt E.V.A. + Pressure Sensitive is ideal for gluing wood, cardboard, felt or fabrics. The glue based on compound EVA + Pressure Sensitive is perfect for all those cases where precision is not required, but the speed of use. The high quality characteristics of this particular glue allow it to provide excellent adhesive performance even in the case where the materials were subjected to very high pressures. Although normally the hot glue based on ethyl-vinyl-acetate is contraindicated for the low porous materials or those with a too low thermal conductivity, the Pressure Sensitive products labeled Collagraf can be widely used even in the most particular industrial uses. Their effect manifests itself, albeit with less effectiveness, even during the bonding of materials with low thermal conductivity. These glues are widely used in the decorative field, for example in DIY.

EVA glue represents a large part of the hot glue industry. This is because it is fast, easy to use and offers considerably better features than other similar tools. A massive use of similar glues takes place in the packaging sector, to close the cartons and seal the boxes. In woodworking the product is used for laminating applications. Without forgetting the use of this glue in the production of disposable diapers. Many manufacturers of electronic devices also use Eva + Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt glue to secure wires or to protect and isolate the different components of a single device.


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