Metallocene based hot melt adhesives (POP)

Metallocene based hot melt

When it comes to producing hot melt adhesives particular attention must be paid to its characteristics. Moreover, these adhesives are specially designed to provide the customer with a lasting user experience.

Adhesives of this kind must withstand high temperatures and pressures. Hot-melt adhesives, in fact, are widely used in the industrial field because of their considerably higher quality compared to the standards of traditional EVA-based adhesives.

However, in order for these adhesives to be able to respond to the needs of the industry, they must undergo numerous checks and be carried out with particular attention to quality. Otherwise, adhesives may break as soon as they are subjected to a different temperature or pressure.

Collagraf is responsible for designing adhesives that adapt to the needs of customers by developing long-lasting quality products. Hot melt adhesives based on metallocene are focused on achieving the expected results.

The trend towards continuous evolution, as well as an approach based exclusively on the needs of the market, have pushed Collagraf to create ever new hot melt adhesives. The search for new formulations for adhesives, the constant development of tools and technologies have provided us with useful skills to develop innovative types of metallocene-based adhesives.

In the vast company catalog it is possible to find numerous hot melt formulations. The stickers here are made in very different formats, including sticks with a diameter of 7, 8, 11, 12 or 15 mm. Also the cylinders with a diameter of 43 millimeters are sold, as well as the granules and pellets. Before being put on the market the adhesives are specially checked to ensure high quality standards. The cutting-edge formula of the hot melt adhesives based on Metallocene is perfect for bonding substrates and plasticized or painted surfaces. High speed is ensured during setting times as well as resistance even at very high temperatures.


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