Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)

“Pressure sensitive” adhesives

Collagraf has developed a line of innovative Pressure Sensitive hot-based self-adhesive products.
These are special pressure-sensitive adhesives, through which the bonding of the surfaces occurs, and the adhesion force depends on the degree of pressure exerted.

They do not require any kind of activation, as is the case for other types of adhesives, which instead use water or solvent evaporation, or other particular chemical reactions, to make the supports adhere.
It is therefore recommended that the surfaces to be glued are thoroughly dry and cleaned from dust and other contaminants.

Self-adhesives produced by Collagraf are able to withstand sudden temperature variations, and can therefore be used in a very wide climatic range, withstanding resistance to both heat and cold, without altering their degree of adhesion.

The adhesive capacity is guaranteed both by their characteristic of adapting to the adherent substrate, and by the resistance to deformation that they have, if subjected to stress. When the adhesive is in contact with the part to be glued, in fact, molecular interactions that increase the strength of the bonds also come into play.
The company, for decades specialized in the production of hot glues and adhesives, carries out numerous tests to guarantee customers the maximum performance of their articles.

To maintain an adequate level of adhesion, the Pressure Sensitive Collagraf stickers are characterized by their excellent viscoelastic properties, which combine viscous reactions (the deformation depends on the temperature), elastic responses, self-adapting to the support with precision.
These types of self-adhesive have a medium-high viscosity degree and a softening point between 70 ° and 75 °.
All this makes the Pressure Sensitive stickers of the Collagraf a first level product among the always active adhesives, with a permanent stickiness.

They are widely used in many sectors, both in small do-it-yourself and decoration jobs, both in the professional field, or when for safety reasons a stable and resistant fixing is required, as in the case of adhesive labels for emergency.
They are also used in particular packaging situations, for example to fix shipping information, names, addresses, or transport notes.
They are also found in publishing, in the fixing of vehicle coatings, in construction, and in the gluing of insulating panels.

Pressure Sensitive stickers are universal adhesives, which are suitable for many substrates, such as paper, plastic, wood, metal, textiles, ceramics and bricks.

They are available in the form of loaves or granules.


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